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iiMarry is an O2O platform that provides one-stop wedding services.

iiMarry is striving to build the most trustworthy wedding internet service platform in Malaysia, providing comprehensive, accurate and fast one-stop wedding services for all new friends, including selection, ordering, service and interactive sharing. With the power of the media and the Internet, we will integrate all the content and services related to the wedding, enhance the wedding quality of the newcomers, and protect the new interests of the newcomers.

iiMarry is a professional wedding resources online shopping platform, online selection of wedding themes, Emcee, makeup artists, Videographer, Photographer, wedding car, live programs, wedding supplies, etc., to create personalized weddings for users service. The first wedding supervision service, order no refund, safe transaction guarantee, create a perfect wedding for new people, choose iiMarry is to choose peace of mind, worry! Weddings should be different.