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iiMarry as the leader of the national wedding service O2O platform, has assembled professional partners such as masters of ceremonies, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, actors, and planning teams to provide users with personalized wedding services. The first to achieve four major service guarantees, allowing users to experience a different Internet lifestyle.

1. We provide you with stable and high quality users;

2. We provide you with a stage to show yourself;

3. We provide you with a platform for industry exchanges;

4. We offer you the opportunity to build a brand.

Entering the hotline: 018 668 4388

E-mail: sales@iimarry.com

Service Hours: Weekdays 9:00 - 18:00

Cooperation Process

1. The merchant registers on the platform and applies for the merchant to settle in, and provides the merchant information.

2. iiMarry for qualification review (within 7 working days).

3. iiMarry communicates with the service provider.