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Wedding Registration
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Wedding Registration

Civil Marriages

1. Get your JPN.KC02 form printed

This form can be obtained at any Department of Marriage and Divorce under National Registration Department (NRD). Or else, simply download it from their website. This is made so much easier and convenient.

2. Fill in your JPN.KC02

Fill in all relevant sections carefully. Do not sign the form yet! You shall only perform this at the witness of a Commissioner of Oath.

3. Attach supporting documents to JPN.KC02

You will need one copy of:

a. Couple’s Identification Card

b. Nominated witness’s Identification Card (2 witnesses)

c. Malaysian Passport size (32mm x 38mm) colour photograph of couple

For special cases such as:

a. Either party is a Non-Malaysian

Present both original and photocopy versions of the foreigner’s passport that shows their personal information as well as their date of arrival in Malaysia.

b. Either party is a Divorcee

Attach along the Necree Nisi Absolute.

c. Either party is a Widow

Submit the ex-spouse’s Certificate of Death.

d. Non-citizens wishing to marry in Malaysia

Obtain a Letter of Confirmation of Marital Status. This letter has to be issued from the Malaysian Representative Office in your country, or your country’s Embassy in Malaysia. Then, certify this letter at the Consular Division in Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Wisma Putra) in Putrajaya.

Also, you are required to stay in Malaysia for 7 days straight prior the signing date. Well, this isn’t too bad. One week of honeymoon getaway in Malaysia, not bad eh?

4. Submit your JPN.KC02 & documents

When all is ready, now you can approach the JPN office for submission. Make sure your form is certified by a Commissioner of Oath from the NRD.

Attend the officers with your fiancée though. Both of you got to be together at the NRD office during the application and registration of marriage. Meanwhile, your witnesses only need to show up on your registration day.

And oh, don’t forget to prepare RM30 in your wallet! That’s the fee for the procedure (RM20 for marriage certificate + RM10 for declaration).

5. Arrange a date

And finally, here comes your long awaited moment! An approval notice will be published at the registration office after 21 days. Propose a date to the Commissioner of Oath. Your solemnization of marriage shall take place within 6 months upon application.

That’s all for your ultimate guide for registration of marriage in Malaysia. And now… I hereby pronounce you “Husband & Wife”